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Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with Timeless Elegance

Imagine stepping out your door in Macomb County and onto a stunning expanse of bluestone paving, their cool hues and natural beauty adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space. Quality Brick Paving brings your vision to life, crafting bluestone patios, walkways, and driveways that exude timeless elegance and unparalleled functionality.

Why Choose Bluestone Paving for Your Macomb County Home?

  • Unmatched Elegance: Bluestone's distinctive natural variations and subtle color shifts create a visually striking landscape feature that instantly elevates your Macomb County property.
  • Unwavering Durability: Invest in a lasting legacy. Bluestone is renowned for its exceptional strength and resilience, enduring harsh Michigan weather, heavy foot traffic, and the changing seasons without cracking, chipping, or warping.
  • Low Maintenance Beauty: Enjoy your bluestone pavement with minimal upkeep. Unlike wood or concrete, bluestone requires minimal maintenance. Simply sweep or occasionally pressure wash to maintain its pristine appearance.
  • Enhanced Safety: Experience improved traction underfoot, even when wet, thanks to bluestone's naturally textured surface. Minimize the risk of slips and falls around your Macomb County home.
  • Unique Design Possibilities: Unleash your creativity! Bluestone's natural beauty pairs well with various architectural styles and allows for intricate patterns and borders, making your Macomb County landscape truly unique.
Quality Brick Paving: Your Macomb County Bluestone Paving Experts
With over 28 years of experience serving Macomb County and Metro Detroit, Quality Brick Paving is your trusted partner in crafting the perfect bluestone haven. We take pride in:
  • Uncompromising Craftsmanship: Our skilled team meticulously lays bluestone slabs, ensuring a flawless and durable finish that transcends generations.
  • Superior Materials: We use only the highest quality bluestone slabs, hand-selected for their beauty, strength, and enduring performance.
  • Collaborative Design: We work closely with you to understand your vision and create a bluestone hardscape that perfectly complements your Macomb County home and landscape.
  • Free Consultations and Estimates: Get expert advice and a detailed quote without any obligation. Let us discuss your bluestone dreams and bring them to life.
Ready to transform your Macomb County landscape with the timeless elegance and enduring beauty of bluestone paving? Contact Quality Brick Paving today for a free consultation and experience the expertise and craftsmanship that defines exceptional bluestone installations.
Questions & Answers
What are the benefits of brick paving over other materials like concrete?

Brick paving offers several advantages over concrete including:

  • Durability: Brick material is incredibly strong and can last for decades with proper care.
  • Aesthetics: Bricks can be installed in a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns, allowing for beautiful and unique designs for your landscape.
  • Permeability: Bricks allow water to drain through, reducing runoff and improving drainage around your home.
  • Versatility: Bricks can be used for various applications such as patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, and more.
  • Easy Repair: If a single brick gets damaged, it can easily be replaced, unlike a large concrete slab that may require more extensive repairs.
How much does brick paver installation cost?

The cost of a brick paver installation depends on several factors, including:

  • Project size and complexity: The larger and more complex designs will naturally cost more.
  • Materials chosen: The type of brick, edging, and base materials will impact the price.
  • Labor costs: Our labor costs vary based on the size, materials, and complexity of the project.
  • We recommend contacting us for a free consultation and estimate.
    This will allow us to assess your specific project needs and provide an accurate cost breakdown.

Can you repair existing brick patio, walkway, or similar?

Absolutely! We are experts in brick paving repair. Common repairs include fixing uneven settling, cracked or broken bricks, and addressing any issues with the base material.

How do I maintain my brick patio or driveway?

Brick pavers are relatively low maintenance, but a few simple steps can ensure they look at their best for years to come:

  • Sweeping: Regularly sweep away leaves, debris, and dirt to prevent buildup.
  • Edging: Maintain the edges of your brickwork to prevent erosion.
  • Sealing (optional): Applying a sealer seasonally to help protect against stains and make cleaning easier.
Do you offer design services for brick paver projects?

Yes! We can help you design a beautiful and functional brick layout for your patio, walkway, driveway, or any other outdoor space. We incorporate your desired style, functionality, and budget to create a personalized plan.

We recommend contacting us for a free consultation and estimate.
This will allow us to assess your specific project needs and provide an accurate cost breakdown.

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    What Our Customers Say

    Brennan Sanger
    Brennan Sanger
    Roger did an amazing job on my paver patio. Exactly what I imagined, he brought to life. You can tell his years of craftsmanship and experience brings you a patio that will last. He worked diligently until the project was finished and kept the project on budget which a lot of contractors wont. He was enjoyable to be around during the measuring and planning process and helped me come up with my patio design. I would highly recommend friends and family to Roger to get a new patio installed....he is the best.
    Dr Leslie Wagner
    Dr Leslie Wagner
    Excellent work for us at the Grosse Pointe Historical Society, putting in a beautiful back patio that looks just like Bluestone. We were very happy with the kind, warm service and the efficient, quality work! When can he come back and do our other path?!
    Jeremy Miller
    Jeremy Miller
    I have to give Roger at Quality Brick Paving 5 stars because Google wont let me give more then that. Roger just completed the paver project for us at our recently purchased home. We called Roger because the thing we missed the most was the paver patio and edging that he installed at our old house. It was a no brainer to call Roger for the new house. As expected roger was quick to return my call and was out within 24 hours to get measurements and to hear our vision. The quote was ready less than a day later and was very reasonable. Roger started and completed our project sooner than we expected. The final result was beyond expectation which is a difficult thing given I know that the work Roger does is amazing. Roger was even able to install a shed pad which is not in his normal scope of work. Once again Quality Brick Paving went above and beyond to make our vision a reality. Do not wait to call Roger for the best Quality Brick Paving out there.
    lisa zimmerman
    lisa zimmerman
    We are repeat customers due to Roger’s amazing work and resource. He has great ideas and provided us with options to consider. The products he uses are so durable and look great. We will definitely use Quality Brick Paving again!!
    Greg Copp
    Greg Copp
    We asked Roger to quote rebuilding our walkway this summer because he completed similar projects for two different neighbors several years ago. We selected Roger for our project because his quote was competitive and those other projects have held up very well over several years. We were thrilled with his responsiveness, attention to detail, and commitment to his customers. Would hire him again for paver work. A true pleasure to work with.
    Louis Miller
    Louis Miller
    Roger was friendly and professional and did great work. I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know.
    Jeff Delmotte
    Jeff Delmotte
    Not only is Roger a craftsman, he's a good person who takes pride in his work. His attention to detail is second to none. I had the opportunity to select other contractors, but none of them impressed me like Roger - not even close. I have received numerous compliments on the walkway, steps and wall Roger designed and installed. All I can say is hire this guy - you will not be disappointed!
    Dennis Zuccaro
    Dennis Zuccaro
    Roger is a hard worker and does beautiful design and paver work. I also had him build a road along the boundary of my property and install a drain system from my house gutters. It works great! Roger does not cut any corners when it comes to quality results. From the photos you can see he did a lot of work for us. We could not be more pleased!
    George Becker
    George Becker
    Roger was great. I like the final product. Would hire him again.